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405th Represent

RTX 2013

Took me awhile, but finally got around to write about our experience at RTX 2013. We had such a great time at RTX this year. For those of you who don’t know it’s a convention run by a company in Austin, TX called RoosterTeeth. They are a huge internet based company with the most popular show being Red vs Blue, highly recommend you check them out. This was their third year running, but it was our first convention and first panel for everyone. I just want to first say thank you to everyone that came to our panel without even knowing who we were and also showing your support afterwards. The panel went off without any problems and we even got some press.

Attendees starting piling into the room before the start of our panel.

Attendees starting piling into the room before the start of our panel.

I’m a pretty reserved guy when it comes to being in public, but getting to walk around the floor with our trooper suit and having people stop you to take pictures was probably the best time I had there.

IMG_3208 copy

Out of all of us David is by far the biggest RoosterTeeth fan. He spent the entire day on Saturday trying to get the Achievement Hunters autographs. Best moment though for me was watching him randomly bump into Burnie in the panel halls, trying to get his signature.

Lets just say that thing is for sure framed now.

Lets just say that thing is for sure framed now.

Wade’s gem he was able to get was Jen Taylor’s, voice of Cortana, autograph on our trooper shoulder armor.

We're going to have to make another should piece.

We’re going to have to make another should piece.

Overall, we had an amazing time and will be going back soon. Can’t wait to see how big the convention will be next year.
If you would like to hear us talk in detail about our experiences at RTX make sure to listen to our July episode of the IS Cast, our monthly podcast.

Next year, Comic-Con, the Dawn will be coming.

Halo 4: Tidbits Galore

I know everyone is scared that the next Halo game not being made by Bungie is not going to live up to their high standards, but after reading some articles about what 343i has in store for Halo, I’m getting excited.

Here are some of the changes I’m looking forward too.

Not much has been shared yet for the campaign.

We know it takes place after the events of Halo 3. Cortana and the Chief have stumbled upon a planet called Requiem. The entire planet is incased in a huge shield that can protect anything inside of it from a Halo firing.
The Master Chief will be facing all new enemies, weapons, and many forerunner environments.

343i has taken Halo multiplayer to a whole new level.

Everyone trains as Spartan IVs aboard the largest ship in the human fleet the UNSC Infinity.
Training takes place on the combat deck where any combat environment can be simulated.

Maps add to universe and are not taken from campaign. Master Chief actually comes across the Infinity in the campaign, because the Infinity is a on a deep space mission.

Additional details:
Join games in progress
Instant spawning
Random weapon drops for all the powerful weapons
Custom loadouts
Sprint is standard, with your choice of an additional ability
Earn spartan points to improve your character with gameplay effecting upgrades

Spartan Ops
The newest addition and the one I’m most excited about is Spartan Ops mode.

It’s a cooperative episodic mission based gameplay that you can play with up to four of your friends
Every week 5 missions are released that add to the story, with new cinematics and challenges.

These are not dlcs this is promised content that will be release over a series of a couple months.
I think this is one of the coolest ideas I’ve seen in awhile that really connects the community to the universe even after the game is released