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Armor Decal FTW

Presenting the shoulder piece and custom symbol for the boys in Delta company of the 106th infantry stationed aboard the frigate Riviara.

After a hard day’s rockin’.

I wonder what the neighbors think of a couple guys in a garage wearing respirators…

Dimensions of the Trooper Helmet Cast!

After cleaning up the second cast from our Trooper Helmet mold, I’m happy to announce that we officially have the dimensions for the helmet. Keep in mind that if you’re interested in a complete helmet (with pads, paint and texture included) we’ll replace some of the ear section for padding to make it easier to put on and take off. Available only at our Kickstarter page!

(Also it should be noted that Trooper Helmet casts offered by us will look nicer than this)

I’m Back…

After moving, getting married, and waiting for internet I’m finally back to supply everyone with updates.

Everyone has been trying their best as we move closer to our start of production.

Being seperated from the studio now it’s a little harder to work on armor, but I’m trying my best. Here’s my contribution for the day.

I’ll be working on the next trooper shoulder piece.