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MPR: Martin O’Donnell

Hey guys, thought I’d share something I’m enjoying right now.

I’ve been listening to a podcast from Minnesota Public Radio (woo minnesota!)
Called Top Score with Emily Reese.

She sits down with composers from popular video games as she talks with them about their background, influences, and insight, with breaks of music from the composer.
They have awesome production quality and you learn tons about the music side of video games.

Why am I sharing this? Well, they have a two part section with Marty from the Halo series.
Check it out: Top Score

Bungie Weekly Update 10/15

A lot of new info in this weeks update. Here are the highlights.

Second October matchmaking update is coming on the 19th.
– New Playlists
– Many map tweaks
– Two new forge maps, one from the community called Atom

Also many firefight playlist updates.

Bungie will also be raising the level cap when the community has reached 117 million daily & weekly challenges completed. A thermometer will appear on Bungie’s website front page. So get online and check out those dailies.

Check out the weekly update for much more detail: Bungie Weekly Update 10/15

Noble Map Pack

The first DLC map pack for Reach has been announced. It will be available on November 30th for 800 microsoft points.

It features three entirely new maps.

Anchor 9 – An orbital dockyard

Tempest – An ancient Forerunner site

Breakpoint – ONI Forerunner artifact dig site

Along with the new maps it also comes with brand new achievements worth a total of 250 Gamerscore.

Check out the full article here.
Noble Map Pack