Welcome! Below are the links to the rewards for our backers that supported the project. You’ll need to login in order to gain access to the files that match your pledge level. If you don’t have an account yet please email: dawnunderheavenfilm@gmail.com

These rewards contain the film, soundtrack, and excluse 3D from the film. Feel free to use these models to make the next great Halo fan film or to create your own Trooper, ODST, or Spartan.

Because of YOU we were able to make this badass fan film. Now use our stuff to look badass yourself!

Donated $5+

A Thank You with your name on our website, as well as a special thanks in the film credits.

Donated $20+

A digital download of the completed work.

Donated $35+

A download of our complete original film score soundtrack.

Donated $50+

All our custom Pepakura files so you can make your own Halo armor as seen in our film, and our 3D files including ships, weapons, buildings, you name it.