Bungie has released a new ViDoc “A Spartan Will Rise”

The video details the entire Noble Team, going through each Spartan with a voice over character that has been a key member in the Halo Universe. It shows a wonderful array of imagery that will be able to expect from the game. I just can’t wait for the epic global scale of battle and struggle in this game. We also get to hear Emile’s character voice for the first time, and he definitely sounds like a bad ass. Check it out.

Love the ending!

Next up is a short new live action trailer. It freatures three ODST troopers alone in the early morning hours talking about Noble Team and the situation on Reach before the Covenant invasion. I always enjoy these live action trailers, this is just a little taste of what you’ll be seeing from us.


Many more of these live action trailers will be coming out the closer we get to launch.
There will be more with real noble team members, we’ve already seen the Kat costume at Comic-con.

Stay tuned for our weekly update, where we’ll be sure to examine these videos with in-depth detail.


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