Welcome.  Below are the links to the pepakura files our team has created. Use them to create your own Trooper, ODST, and/or Spartan. Because of YOU we are able to make this badass fanfilm. Now use our stuff to look badass yourself.

Depending on the models, only pepakura versions will be released at this time. All assets from the film will be released here when it is released, so you can go on to make the next great Halo fan film.


Spartan III – MKV B Helmet

Spartan III – Chest

Spartan III – Pelvis

Spartan III – Forearm

Spartan III – Bicep

– Unfinished Unfold

Spartan III – Shin

Spartan III – Thigh

Spartan III – Boot

– Unfinished Unfold

Trooper Helmet

Trooper Shoulder

UA-NxRA Thigh Attachment

Commando Helmet

Carter Left Shoulder

– Unfinished Unfold

Air Assault Helmet

Grenadier Helmet


MA37 – Assault Rifle
Coming Soon
Designated Marksman Rifle – DMR
Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon