It’s been a long wait, but worthwhile one it has been. Reach is finally upon us!

Launch night started off with us meeting up with Wade at his place.
Trav decided to sooth us with his wide variety of song samples, to bad he didn’t know any Halo tunes.

Wade was totally pumped on our way over.

When we first arrived we were alittle disappointed in what we say. They had the front of the gamestop under construction and about 10 people standing around.

So we got our reciept for the game and then headed on over next door to TGI Fridays to wait out till midnight.

We had a great time passing the time with a few drinks and to our surprise BINGO

Spartan Done!

After sobering up we headed back over to gamestop, this time with a much larger line. The only other die hard fan we saw was a guy with a Reach tshirt. He was disappointed that he got out classed. There were also many whispers of “that’s so awesome” and much staring and secret picture taking from phones. Wade and I left pretty badass.

(We bonded instantly)

We had a great time at the launch and even a better time playing Reach till 5 in the morning. But like the title says, we’re just getting started, we continue work on our film everyday and hopefully soon a sneak peek at what we’re all about.

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